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NHS England has a national aim of eliminating hepatitis C as a public health threat ahead of 2030, as part of a wider global World Health Organisation goal.  Hep C U Later exists to support the elimination of hepatitis C, recognising that hepatitis C can be prevented, identified, and cured. It is estimated there are currently 70,000 people in England who are unaware they have a hepatitis C infection.

If the hepatitis C virus is not identified and treated this can lead to liver damage, cancer and death.   There are a number of risk factors for hepatitis C and people do not always recognise they have the infection due to a lack of symptoms.  The only way to know is to engage people in testing.

Through raising awareness of hepatitis C and the risk factors for acquiring the virus, pharmacies can support the health of individuals and the national aim to eliminate hepatitis C.  Signposting people to free hepatitis C testing, and educational materials and making every contact count is a simple and effective way of supporting the health of the population.

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