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NHS England has a national aim of eliminating hepatitis C as a public health threat ahead of 2030, as part of a wider global World Health Organisation goal.  Hep C U Later exists to support the elimination of hepatitis C, recognising that hepatitis C can be prevented, identified, and cured. It is estimated that there are currently 70,000 people in England who are unaware they have a hepatitis C infection.

“Testing in primary care allows us to reach patients who may not be aware of their hepatitis C risk. With new digital tools, GPs can now easily scan patient records to identify those most at risk of historic infection, test them or direct them to self-test, and refer them for treatment as soon as possible. Through the click of a button, we can rapidly accelerate our progress towards hepatitis C elimination.”

Mark Gillyon-Powell, Head of NHSE’s HCV elimination programme 

If the hepatitis C virus is not identified and treated this can lead to liver damage, cancer and death.   There are a number of risk factors for hepatitis C and people do not always recognise they have the infection due to a lack of symptoms.  The only way to know is to engage people in testing.

GP Champions take an active role in Hep C case finding in the primary care population, as well as the clinical education of colleagues and supporting patient linkage to care.

The Champions lead on operational and clinical conversations with GPs alongside the Hepatitis C Operational Delivery Network (ODN). The role includes working collaboratively with local practices, requiring strong facilitation, and influencing skills. GP Champions work closely with members of the ODN (in particular, the clinical lead and programme/network) and the national NHSE Hepatitis C Elimination Programme Team.

Please note the GP champion role remit might slightly vary within the different catchment area depending on the local need.

Are you interested in becoming a Hepatitis C GP Champion? Email to find out more.

“Hepatitis C is an important killing disease which no longer needs to exist. We have the technology and more importantly the clinical will to eradicate it worldwide. In my own practice we have eradicated the disease from more than ten per cent of our entire practice list saving, we estimate, about twenty lives and squillions in specialist liver services. How cool is that?!”

Dr Paul O’Reilly, London GP and Hepatitis C GP Champion

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Hepatitis C factsheet

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