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Living with Hep C

Learning you have Hep C can come as a shock to many people and it is important to know that support is there for you if you want it.

There are a number of support groups across the country for those living with Hep C, these groups are informal gatherings run by people with Hep C experience who are there to help. It is a safe and confidential environment to share and discuss your thoughts and feelings about living with Hep C.

These support groups are available before, during and after treatment and located at:

Please contact the groups using the details above to check group running times.

You can’t get Hepatitis C by;

  • Kissing
  • Social contact, such as hugging or holding hands (unless blood is transferred)
  • Sharing kitchen utensils, such as knives and forks (unless there is a chance blood can be transferred)
  • Toilet seats