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Jason’s Story

Jason’s Story

My name is Jason; I got involved with the Hep C training delivered by the Hepatitis C Trust whilst volunteering as a peer mentor in Fareham. My motive for getting involved was partly due to my own experience with coming into contact with the Hep C virus. I believe I contracted the Hepatitis C virus through sharing a needle whilst in custody.

I became a Hep C peer to peer mentor after completing intensive week long training. I liked the idea of sharing my experience with others and the prospect of sufferers overcoming Hepatitis C. As well as this, I want to help break down the myths, stereotyping and judgements that go along with Hepatitis C. Ultimately this will empower people to make an informed choice about putting themselves at risk, testing and treatment. I am now 18 months drug free and looking forward to doing more talks across Hampshire.

Jason set up a regular P2P fortnightly Hepatitis C workshop at the local detoxification unit Baytrees which ran from 2012 until the unit closed in 2016.